May 4th, 2017

Open Letter to Claremont McKenna College
Hiram E. Chodosh, President of CMC
Peter Uvin, VP for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty, Prof. of Gov.
Sharon Basso, CMC VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
CMC Board of Trustees

Dear Claremont McKenna College,

We write to express our grave concern with the criminalization of CMC students involved in the protest of Heather Mac Donald.

CMC students involved in the protest have been called into meetings with Sharon Basso, the CMC Dean of Students and VP of Student Affairs, and the school has proceeded with an investigation. Most of the students targeted in the investigation are seniors and students of color. CMC has threatened to prevent students from walking at graduation and holds the power to withhold transcripts, barring students entrance into a competitive job market. CMC has also threatened suspension and expulsion. For low-income and first generation students, graduation is a culminatory moment that should not be revoked. On campuses where students of color already feel unsafe, it is distressing that these institutions resort to punitive measures to resolve issues resulting from their own negligence.

These are acts of violence, and if advanced, would severely harm the survival of these students, particularly those of whom are graduating this coming week.

While inflammatory speakers are framed as generating open dialogue on campus, they merely create dangerous campus environments for students of color. The institution’s financial backing of speakers who examine Black livelihood, suggesting its debatability, shows that fraudulent calls for open dialogue take precedence over students of color. CMC is effectively complicit in threats to the safety of students of color by legitimating the very politics that denies their humanity. There has been no talk of investigation for violent counter protesters -- only talk of further criminalization of already marginalized students.

We stand in solidarity with the actions taken against Mac Donald, and we demand that the investigation and criminalization of CMC students stop immediately.

Sign On to Letter of Support for CMC Protesters

Name *

                 ---------  Students  ---------

  1. Grace Wilson, Claremont McKenna College
  2. Isabel Chavez, Claremont McKenna College
  3. Karelyn Urena, Pitzer College
  4. Roz Naimi, Pitzer College
  5. Elizabeth Murphy, Scripps College
  6. Dina Rosin, Claremont McKenna College  
  7. Jordan Howard-Jennings, Harvey Mudd College
  8. Gabrielle Garcia, Scripps College
  9. Roxanne Rozo-Marsh, Scripps College
  10. Alexandra Hammond, Scripps College
  11. Nikaya Manley, Claremont McKenna College
  12. Taylor Haas, Scripps College
  13. Emily Macune, Scripps College
  14. Aleo Pugh, Pitzer College
  15. Sophia Knowlton-Latkin, Scripps College
  16. Ranen Green, Pitzer College
  17. Tascha Shahriari-Parsa, Pomona College
  18. Annabella Ribeiro de Oliveira, Scripps College
  19. Honesty Carswell, Pitzer College
  20. Kristine Lee, Pomona College
  21. Neyissa Desir, Pomona College
  22. Charlotte Hughes, Pitzer College
  23. Victoria Ramirez, Pitzer College
  24. Jorj Chisam-Majid, Pitzer College
  25. Indigo Olson, Scripps College
  26. Maureen Cowhey, Scripps College
  27. Maddy Gould, Pitzer College
  28. Simone Bishara, Pitzer College
  29. Lauren Hartz, Scripps College
  30. Grace Reckers, Scripps College
  31. Xandrine Griffin, Pitzer College
  32. Lauren Thompson, Scripps College
  33. Gabriela Ornelas, Pitzer College
  34. Maggie Bynum, Scripps College
  35. Savannah Ellis, Pitzer College
  36. Cara Bondurant, Scripps College
  37. Sahana Mehta, Scripps College
  38. Shivani Kavuluru, Pitzer College
  39. Hannah Buehler, Pitzer College
  40. Josie Moberg, Pitzer College
  41. Taliah Mancini, Pitzer College
  42. Shreya Basu, Scripps College
  43. Madeline Weiss, Pitzer College
  44. Kendal Carr, Pitzer College
  45. Alicia Goode-Allen, Scripps College
  46. Gasper Tringale-White, Pitzer College
  47. Callan Malone, Scripps College
  48. Raisah Vesteinsdottir, Pomona College
  49. Jenny Bekenstein, Pitzer College
  50. Joanna Xiao Ying, Scripps College
  51. William Meikle, Pitzer College
  52. Noah Latkin, Pitzer College
  53. Anna Leopold, Pitzer College
  54. Emma Stacy, Scripps College
  55. Emily Carpenter, Pomona College
  56. Carrie Saada, Harvey Mudd College
  57. Gretchen Alexander, Scripps College
  58. Quinn Kemlage, Scripps College
  59. Sophie Zagerman, Pomona College
  60. Marisa Weinstock, Pitzer College
  61. Mary Knaak, Scripps College
  62. Miriam Raffel-Smith, Scripps College
  63. Brendan Terry, Pomona College
  64. Tania Partida, Pomona College
  65. Hannah Slocumb, Harvey Mudd College
  66. Michael Gould, Pitzer College
  67. Ian Schiffer, Pomona College
  68. Leandra Vargas, Pitzer College
  69. Maya Ellis, Scripps College
  70. Anna Leopold, Pitzer College
  71. Whitney Wagner, Pitzer College
  72. Dominique Mena, Harvey Mudd College
  73. Ronak Bhatia, Harvey Mudd College
  74. Ryan Finley, Scripps College
  75. Simone Baldwin, Pitzer College
  76. Netta Kaplan, Pomona College
  77. Alex Rochon, Pitzer College
  78. Rebecca Harman, Harvey Mudd College
  79. Jose Orozco, Harvey Mudd College
  80. Samantha Martin, Scripps College
  81. Sajo Jefferson, Pomona College
  82. Georgia Godlee-Campbell, Scripps College
  83. Chaelee Dalton, Pomona College
  84. Zaidee Laughlin, Scripps College
  85. Ryan Palmer, Pomona College
  86. Sherwin Shabdar, Pomona College
  87. Joe Konieczny, Pitzer College
  88. Sophia Rizzolo, Pitzer College
  89. Lucy Winokur, Scripps College
  90. Lena Tran, Pitzer College
  91. Quentin Barth, Harvey Mudd College
  92. Laurel Hilliker, Pomona College
  93. Angelica Campos, Claremont McKenna College
  94. Adrian Baris, Scripps College
  95. Eva Wertimer, Scripps College
  96. Alexandra Rivera, Scripps College
  97. Corey Smith, Scripps College
  98. Ian Descamps, Pomona College
  99. Karla Mejia, Scripps College
  100. Julia Gottlieb, Scripps College
  101. Michall Singeton, Scripps College
  102. Ace Elliot, Pitzer College
  103. Noor Hamdy, Scripps College
  104. Esther Cheung, Pomona College
  105. Shai Goldberg, Pomona College
  106. Valery Otieno, Pomona College
  107. Emma Snyder, Scripps College
  108. Serena Faruqee, Pitzer College
  109. Sarah Groh, Scripps College
  110. Nikki Dequesada, Pomona College
  111. Megan Forest Balemian-Spencer, Scripps College
  112. RC Scripps
  113. Hiwet Weldeselase, Pitzer College
  114. Thea Piccone, Pitzer College
  115. Isabel Carter-Kahn, Scripps College
  116. Sarah Juarez, Scripps College
  117. Meera Kolluri, Scripps College
  118. Blair Subbaraman, Pomona College
  119. Margaret Gill, Scripps College
  120. Eva Kashuk, Pitzer College
  121. Colin McCalla, Pomona College
  122. Hana Oshita, Pitzer College
  123. Sean Clark, Pitzer College
  124. Milagros Montalvo, Pomona College
  125. Jake Hudson-Humphrey, Claremont McKenna College
  126. Lauren Schoen, Pomona College
  127. Madeline Pignetti, Harvey Mudd College
  128. Elizabeth Myung-Hae Chun, Scripps College
  129. Sakshi Shah, Harvey Mudd College
  130. Rachel Spiegel, Pitzer College
  131. Vivian Yu, Scripps College
  132. Hannah Sands, Scripps College
  133. Rebecca Goldman, Scripps College
  134. Emma Cornwell, Scripps College
  135. Jo Nordhoff-Beard, Scripps College
  136. Susana Perez, Scripps College
  137. Reid Douglas, Pitzer College
  138. Michelle Ramirez, Scripps College
  139. Priya Desai, Pitzer College
  140. Anna Goetter, Harvey Mudd College
  141. Mica Green Williams, Pitzer College
  142. Evan Plake, Pitzer College
  143. Mallory Mackey, Scripps College
  144. Lanna Sanchez, Pomona College
  145. Emily Freilich, Pomona College
  146. Peter Banks, Temple University
  147. Liat Kaplan, Claremont McKenna College
  148. Amanda Larson, Scripps College
  149. Cara Whelan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  150. Emma Stammen, Scripps College
  151. Ira Fleming, Pomona College
  152. Francelia Lieavnos, Pitzer College
  153. Alex Reyes, Scripps College
  154. Miranda Klinck, Pitzer College
  155. Delaney Dawson, Scripps College
  156. Deniz Korman, Harvey Mudd College
  157. Dominique Macias, Harvey Mudd College
  158. Emily Shon, Scripps College
  159. Leanna Namovic, Scripps College
  160. Sophie Peters, Scripps College
  161. Ali Khan, Harvey Mudd College
  162. Giovanna Perricone, Scripps College
  163. Zemia Edmondson, Pomona College
  164. Jonas Banta, Pitzer College
  165. Kathie Tang, Pomona College
  166. Stephanie Nunez, Scripps College
  167. Camille Sacristan, Scripps College
  168. Christopher Donnay, Pomona College
  169. Phil Brayley, Pitzer College
  170. Xavier Maciel, Pomona College
  171. Giang Nguyen, Pitzer College
  172. Sarah Wilson, Scripps College
  173. Laura Goetz, Yale
  174. Nadja Redmond, Pomona College
  175. Nicole Cruz, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  176. Anisha Kaul, Scripps College
  177. Amanda Loh, Scripps College
  178. Nina Posner, Scripps College
  179. Camille S, Pomona College
  180. Becca Wainess, Scripps College
  181. Maya Varghese, Pomona College  
  182. Ben Cowan, Pitzer College
  183. Christopher Eskilson, Pitzer College
  184. Colin Okasaki, University of Washington
  185. Sam Rubin, Pomona College
  186. Susannah Waldman, Brown
  187. Olivia Kohn, Pitzer College
  188. Miriam Bankier, Scripps College
  189. Sophie Wolbert, Scripps College
  190. Jamie Helberg, Pitzer College
  191. Joslyn Gardner, Pomona  College
  192. Lucy Hartman, Pitzer College
  193. Anna Reich, Scripps College
  194. AJ León, Pitzer College
  195. Grace Richey, Scripps College
  196. Sara Arthur-Paratley, Pomona College
  197. Annette He, Scripps College
  198. Jesus Villegas, Harvey Mudd College
  199. Cynthia Irobunda, Scripps College
  200. Hazel Hutchins, Pitzer College
  201. Aidan Moore Pomona
  202. Jockabeth Ponce Scripps
  203. Peter Brown Pomona
  204. Tyler Welty CMC
  205. Valeria Sanchez-Jimenez Pomona
  206. Joel Fernandez Pitzer
  207. Christina Ge CMC
  208. Cesar Orellana HMC
  209. Justina Wu Pomona
  210. Jolo Labio Pomona
  211. Stephanie Lim Scripps
  212. Mariana Cisneros Pomona
  213. Florence Walsh HMC
  214. Quinn Sheehy Pomona
  215. Emma Tasini Pitzer
  216. Briana Liu HMC
  217. Matias Biraben Pitzer
  218. Josh Anderson Pomona
  219. Alexandra Sanchez Pomona
  220. Sarah Leslie Pitzer
  221. Tori Arnau Pitzer
  222. Karla Guerra Scripps
  223. Avalon Edwards Pitzer
  224. Dulce Cabrales-Cid Pomona
  225. Nina Siegel Pitzer
  226. Brian Luna CMC
  227. Leta Ames Scripps
  228. Sabrina Li Pomona
  229. Jessica Manzano Valdez Pomona
  230. Montana Roberts Scripps
  231. Ella Shahn Scripps
  232. Ingrid Topp-Johnson Pitzer
  233. Emma Elliott Scripps
  234. Ariana Callan, Scripps
  235. Devin Mercier Pomona
  236. Tyler St. Bernard, Pomona
  237. Rebecca Liu Pitzer
  238. Jennifer Perez CMC
  239. Kelly Peng Scripps
  240. Julia Cohen Pitzer
  241. Esther Park Pomona
  242. Jesus Tapia Pomona
  243. Juan Jaramillo Pomona
  244. Henry Dolin Pitzer
  245. Lily Naik Pomona
  246. Nathalie Martinez Pomona
  247. Noemi Delgado Pitzer
  248. Allison Ho Pomona
  249. Aviva Wolf-Jacobs Pitzer
  250. Nina Lee Pitzer
  251. Isa Berardo, Pitzer
  252. Avery Harwood Scripps
  253. Josephine King HMC
  254. Jonas Kaufman HMC
  255. Arilene Ortiz Scripps
  256. Andrew Koo Pitzer
  257. Deedee Chao CMC
  258. Jafar Daniel, CMC
  259. Kyla Smith Scripps
  260. Dray Denson Pomona
  261. Katarina Figueroa former Scripps student
  262. Caroline Joseph Pitzer
  263. Abigail Taubman Pitzer
  264. Jacob Shwartz Pitzer
  265. Nate Billett Pomona
  266. Raquel Selcer Scripps
  267. Sherlan Lord Pitzer
  268. Meghna Gupta Scripps
  269. Michael Clausen Pomona
  270. Indie Riggles EWS
  271. Cleo Forman Pomona
  272. James Shelley CMC
  273. Sagarika Gami Student Pomona College
  274. Katelyn Jo student Rutgers University
  275. Sophie Burns student scripps college
  276. Leslie Alvarado Student, RA Pomona College
  277. Kristen Park Student Pomona College
  278. Colleen von Vorys-Norton student Rutgers University of New Jersey
  279. Samantha Nuno Student Scripps College
  280. Eugine Choo student Pomona College
  281. Lucero Ramirez Student Pomona College
  282. Natalie Settimo student Rutgers University
  283. Paul Jean Student Stanford University
  284. Brittany Chen Student Pomona College
  285. Lillian Greer Student Pitzer
  286. Lauren Bollinger Student Pomona
  287. Isabel Milano student CMC
  288. Avi Kolbrener Student Pitzer
  289. Kripa Mehta student Scripps
  290. Mai Nguyen student Pitzer College
  291. Katie Tao Student Pomona College
  292. Emilia Morgan student Harvey Mudd college
  293. Ruby Jean Student Pitzer
  294. Isabel Simon student Pomona College
  295. David Steffen Student Pomona College
  296. Maxwell Davis student Pitzer College
  297. Student
  298. Olivia Sarriugarte Student Pitzer
  299. Allie Cruz student Scripps
  300. Joanna Chang student Pomona College
  301. Mo Dyson Student Pomona College
  302. Nicholas Brodber Pomona Senior Pomona
  303. Forrest Glenn Mans student Scripps
  304. Marcia Yang Student CMC
  305. Flora Gallina-Jones Student Harvey Mudd College
  306. Kai Fukutaki Student PO
  307. Gabby Snowden Student Scripps College
  308. Madisyn A Student Pomona College
  309. Bemnet Gebrechirstos student Scripps College
  310. Sally Vandenberg Student CMC
  311. Avery Jonas Student Pomona College
  312. Victor Bene Student Pitzer College
  313. Kimberly Ha Student Pitzer
  314. Harry Choi Student Pomona College
  315. Harrison Golding Pitzer
  316. Alison Choi Pomona College
  317. Katie Eastin Scripps
  318. Phoebe Alpern Pomona College
  319. Victoria Hernandez Pitzer College
  320. Yazmin Meza Pomona
  321. Ellington Bramwell Pomona
  322. Olivia Dure Pomona
  323. Jazmin Lopez Scripps
  324. J Lee Pomona Aliza Cohen Middlebury College
  325. student Isabelle Phan Scripps Student
  326. Grace Mcniven Pitzer
  327. Student Zoe Russell Bucknell university
  328. Student Aaron Sharper Pomona
  329. Carolin Frias Denison University
  330. Lillian Liang Harvey Mudd College
  331. Cynthia Flores Scripps College
  332. Hannah Ross Friend of students in Claremont Colleges
  333. Molly Edison Pitzer
  334. Mariah Jenkins Pitzer
  335. Lindsey Mahomes Pomona
  336. Jessica Azerad CMC
  337. Madeline Nelson Pitzer College
  338. Seoyoon Choi Claremont McKenna College
  339. Peter Mason Pomona College
  340. Malaika Ogukwe Pomona
  341. Emily Audet Scripps College
  342. Efraín. González Pomona College
  343. Madison Stewart-Boldin Middlebury College
  344. Taylor Cook Middlebury College
  345. Jennifer Lopez Pomona
  346. NaNa Mathis Scripps College
  347. Lauren Jacques Scripps College
  348. Jennifer Kaku Pitzer College
  349. Sofia Baig Pomona
  350. Laura Casaregola Scripps
  351. Rebecca Wishnie Middlebury college
  352. Riki Robinson Pitzer
  353. Amanda Martinez Scripps College
  354. Lisette Charmasson Pitzer
  355. Nina Singh UC Davis
  356. Daniel King HMC
  357. Patrick McElravey Middlebury College
  358. Alicia Ngo Harvey Mudd College
  359. Avi Elkin Pitzer
  360. Meghan Joyce Scripps College
  361. Molly McShane Brooklyn College
  362. Nicole Peña Pomona College
  363. Joshua Lopez Claremont McKenna College
  364. Eleanor Mammen Scripps College
  365. Caitlin Kim Scripps
  366. August Laska Middlebury College
  367. Nell Sather Middlebury College
  368. Isaac Cui Pomona
  369. Sophie Morada Pomona
  370. Alison Rollman Pitzer
  371. Gabriel Womark Harvey Mudd College
  372. Kira Favakeh Harvy Mudd
  373. Wyatt Barnes Pitzer College
  374. Cosette Dwyer Scripps
  375. Emilie Wilk Scripps College
  376. Rachel Laguerre Eastern Connecticut State University
  377. Natalie Reeves Scripps
  378. Marisol Beck Harvey Mudd College
  379. Wali Deutsch Pitzer College
  380. Sneha Deo Scripps
  381. Leah Jeffers Scripps College
  382. Carmen Abbe Scripps College
  383. Joseph Lopez Pomona College
  384. Gillian Holzer Scripps
  385. Harriet Lindeman Scripps
  386. Melissa Zavala Pomona
  387. Emily Scottgale Pomona
  388. Hana Gebremariam Middlebury
  389. Katie Hughes Scripps
  390. Grace Breckenridge Scripps
  391. Mia Kania Scripps College
  392. Betel Tesfamariam Pomona College
  393. Catalina Huang CMC
  394. Jojo Sanders Scripps
  395. Claire Pukszta Scripps College
  396. Aleah Goldstein Scripps
  397. Duncan Rocha Harvey Mudd College
  398. Jiwon Yi Pomona
  399. Victoria Dancu Pomona
  400. Tiff Chang, Middlebury College
  401. Natalie Kadonaga Harvey Mudd College
  402. Lisa Yin Harvey Mudd College
  403. Lilly Sterenberg Pitzer
  404. Emily Lavine Scripps
  405. Seo Yeon Kim Scripps
  406. Motasem Salamah Pomona College
  407. Alicia Pentico HMC
  408. Briana Grether Pomona College
  409. Carrie Seche SUNY
  410. Geneseo, Tessa Owens University of British Columbia
  411. Kalanzi Kajubi Pitzer College
  412. Amanda J Pitzer
  413. Amber Harvey Scripps
  414. Lucy Grinnan Middlebury College
  415. Tiana Pugh Claremont McKenna
  416. Natasha Kosowicz Student
  417. Anastasia Voloshinov Pomona
  418. Marissa Pitter Colby College
  419. William Schumacher Pomona College
  420. Celeste Terni Claremont McKenna
  421. College Chloe Hase Pitzer College Anna Freitas Pitzer College student
  422. Edward Carroll Pitzer College / Harvey Mudd College Student
  423. Rachel Fredericks Scripps Student
  424. Quillian Turpin College Student
  425. Chloe Mozer Pitzer College
  426. Luke Mondragon Pomona College,
  427. Emily Tabb Scripps
  428. Ezana Colovos Pitzer
  429. Brenda Vasquez California State University Long Beach
  430. Alishah Momin Pomona
  431. Madeline Coven Pitzer
  432. Madeleine Kerr Harvey Mudd College
  433. Jennifer Nguyen Pomona College
  434. Meghan Gwyn Scripps College
  435. Rebecca Millberg Scripps
  436. Brook Solomon Pomona college
  437. Mason Polk pitzer
  438. Erin Reid Middlebury College Class of 2017
  439. Julianna Hitchins Pomona College
  440. Olivia Wood Pomona
  441. Adam Revello Pomona
  442. Monica Acosta Scripps College
  443. Matthew Brown Pomona
  444. Savannah Stern Claremont McKenna
  445. Brendan Schultz Pitzer College
  446. Owen Wang Pitzer College
  447. Talyah Alsahli Pitzer
  448. Davis Menard pomona college
  449. Maya Zhou Scripps College
  450. Alexandra Pachter CMC
  451. Samantha Lamont Middlebury
  452. Isobel Whitcomb Scripps College
  453. Emily Coffin Pomona College
  454. Dru Spiller Spelman
  455. Alexandra Hansen Scripps College
  456. Saif Saigol CMC
  457. Rowen Cox-Rubien Scripps
  458. Jamaica Bridgett York United Black Students' Association,
  459. Canada Dylan Baker Harvey Mudd College
  460. Dennis Tousseau Student
  461. Xenia Rangaswami Scripps
  462. Mario Gaviria Pomona College
  463. Emeka Ochiagha Pitzer
  464. John Gittens Pitzer
  465. Jess Folsom Pitzer
  466. Mia Siracusa Scripps
  467. Max Howard HMC
  468. Sarah Clothier Wesleyan University
  469. Cal McKeever Pitzer
  470. Avery Pheil Scripps College
  471. Maria Weiss Scripps college
  472. Mireya Valencia Pomona
  473. Dafina Matiku Scripps
  474. Mudit Murarka Pomona
  475. Justin Joseph Pomona College
  476. Julia Pinedo Scripps
  477. Febrian Moten Pomona College
  478. Frey Lemonholm Pomona College
  479. Sophie Weil-Roth Pomona College
  480. Nia McAllister Pomona College
  481. Katherine Miller Pomona College
  482. Odaris Barrios-Arciga Scripps College
  483. Harmela Beyene Pomona college
  484. Nina Zietlow Scripps
  485. Eva Drexler CSULB
  486. Brandon Hsiu pitzer college
  487. Jeremy Alben Middlebury College
  488. Ana C. Reynoso Hamilton College Clinton, NY
  489. Mohammad Bakhiet Harvey Mudd College
  490. Isaiah Kramer Pitzer
  491. Jiya Pandya Middlebury College
  492. Alice Flood Scripps College
  493. Haley Burger Pitzer
  494. Quincy Brown Claremont McKennna College
  495. Ricardo Peña CMC
  496. Elliot Joyce Pitzer
  497. Karina Bucciarelli Scripps
  498. Mary Jane Coppock Scripps College
  499. Sabrina Mendez Pomona College
  500. Bryn Lewin-Ofell Pitzer
  501. Emily Warshauer Hamilton College
  502. Alivia Brown Scripps
  503. Sidney Butler Pomona College
  504. Olivia Barton Pitzer
  505. Cliff Clifford Pitzer
  506. amanda levinson tulane university
  507. anna ghadar scripps
  508. Basha Brûlée-Wills Pitzer
  509. Alexa MacPhee Tulane University
  510. Erin Morris Pomona
  511. Petal Niles Scripps
  512. Isabel Jamerson Middlebury College
  513. Em Rubey Colgate University
  514. Eleanor Rackoff Harvey Mudd College
  515. Emma Ambler Scripps
  516. Te'auna Patterson Pomona
  517. Timothy Woods Pomona College
  518. Nisha Maheshwari Harvey Mudd College
  519. Kat Harhai Pitzer College
  520. Gretta Richardson Scripps
  521. Christine Kim CMC
  522. Sarah Koch Middlebury College
  523. Kian Vesteinsson Pomona
  524. Molly Armentrout Pitzer College
  525. Shawn Trimble Pomona College
  526. Elisa Stephens PZ
  527. Emily Sender Pitzer
  528. Leya Solomon Pomona College
  529. Luke Meares Pomona College
  530. Olivia Feeney Pitzer College
  531. Julia Griffin Scripps
  532. Emma Bekele Scripps College
  533. Adrienne Murphy CSU student
  534. Vrinda Bhuta California State University, Long Beach
  535. Daniel Garcia Pomona College
  536. Madison Hobbs Scripps College
  537. Kayli Minami Claremont McKenna College
  538. Claire Bullard-Connor Scripps College
  539. Marilyn Perkins Pomona
  540. Mario Marquez Ucla
  541. Hannah Weissler Scripps College
  542. Ramonda Giddings HMC
  543. Natalie Mark Pitzer
  544. Noah Lesko-Kanowitz Pomona
  545. Sarah Sedky Harvey Mudd College
  546. Sandeep Lankireddy Pitzer College
  547. Mary Thomas Middlebury College
  548. Michael Nguyen Pomona
  549. Isaac Harris Pomona College
  550. Emmarose Glaser Tulane
  551. Emma Dubery Scripps
  552. Leah Higgins Pitzer College
  553. Anthony Papp Tulane University
  554. Karma Istanbouli Scripps college
  555. Aileen Dinh Claremont McKenna College
  556. Holly Scrugham Pomona
  557. Carson Blumen-Green UC Santa Cruz
  558. Aaron Yang CMC
  559. Natalie Johnson Scripps
  560. Judy Li CMC
  561. Kevin Kilroy Scripps College
  562. Chelsea Boxwell CGU
  563. Zoe Flavin Pomona College
  564. Michelle Lee Harvey Mudd College
  565. Katie Birmingham Corbett Pomona
  566. Tran Pham Pomona College
  567. Clarissa Worcester Pomona
  568. Guneet Kaur Scripps
  569. Janaya Shelly MIT
  570. Isabelle Valdes Pomona ‘21
  571. Anita Ho Scripps
  572. Kazandra Zelaya CMC
  573. Jungwon Kim, University of California, Berkeley
  574. Melissa Banales Pitzer College
  575. Lena Fox Pomona
  576. Moriah Engelberg Pitzer
  577. laura montenegro pitzer
  578. Rahel Kemal Pitzer College
  579. Griffin Cloud Levine Pitzer
  580. Vic Vong Seattle University
  581. Aliya Tuzhilin Oberlin
  582. Catriona Craven-Matthews Pomona
  583. Eliza J Colorado college
  584. Kyla Worrell UCLA
  585. Krystle Yu Pitzer
  586. Marco Alberto UC Berkeley
  587. Betty Fink Pitzer
  588. Meril Tomy Scripps
  589. Kandace Fung CMC
  590. Gail Gallaher Pomona College
  591. Erin Angelini Pomona College
  592. Hadley Simone Gutermuth UC Santa Cruz
  593. Cam Bacca Pomona College
  594. Jordan Grimaldi Pomona
  595. Laurel Taschetta Pitzer
  596. Isabel Downes-Le Guin Pitzer
  597. Melissa Marroquin CMC
  598. Lauren Su Pomona College
  599. Maya Levinson Pitzer
  600. Caitlyn Fick Scripps College
  601. Xijia Yuan Scripps
  602. Mackenzie Doherty hamilton college
  603. Jonathan Kupfer HMC
  604. Lauren Ison Pomona
  605. Karen Alpuche Pomona College
  606. Anthony Zhang Pomona College
  607. Ahana Ganguly Pomona
  608. Noura Elazami Scripps
  609. Sullivan Whitely Scripps College
  610. Corey Wilson Scripps
  611. Abigail Daum Scripps
  612. Jamie Haughton Scripps
  613. Kelly Besmer Seattle University
  614. Deandre Turton Pomona College
  615. Finn Williams Pitzer
  616. Daniel Park Pomona
  617. Sadaf K Pomona College
  618. Stefan Bindley-Taylor Pitzer College
  619. Zoe Hollinger Scripps College
  620. Agueda Dudley-Berrios Pomona College
  621. Vince Greer CMC
  622. Will Cullen CMC
  623. Delphine Burns Pitzer
  624. Matthew Lee Pomona
  625. Phoebe Kaufman Pomona
  626. Danielle Tishkoff Chidester Scripps
  627. Krithika Rao Scripps College
  628. Benjamin Schmidt Pitzer
  629. Alicia Frausto, Claremont McKenna College
  630. Ricardo Espinoza, Pomona
  631. Semassa Boko, Pomona
  632.  Emma Su, Scripps College
  633. Vanessa Hayes Scripps College
  634. Andrew Wang Claremont McKenna College
  635. Dalton Varney Pitzer
  636. Adlan Jackson New York University
  637. Efrain Zuniga Pomona College
  638. Aubrey Lancaster Pitzer College
  639. Shayok Chakraborty Pomona College
  640. Nina Mueller Pomona College
  641. Peter Cha Pomona College
  642. K T HMC
  643. Tai Le Pomona College
  644. Claire Gross Pitzer College
  645. Krista Karlson Middlebury College
  646. Gigi Huang University of Washington
  647. Kenda Tucker Kenyon College
  648. Kierra Mitchell Scripps College
  649. Sofia Navas The George Washington University
  650. Julie Kim CMC
  651. Arielle Colen-Landy Scripps College
  652. Jocelyn Navarro Connecticut College
  653. Jeremy Stratton-Smith Middlebury College
  654. Sarita Lendechy California State University Long Beach
  655. Emma Crabo Scripps
  656. Leah Neustadt CWRU
  657. Amelia Dunnell Kenyon College
  658. Alexa Merriam Hamilton College
  659. Rachel Baker Yale College
  660. Daria Thames Tufts University
  661. Andrea Conover Scripps College
  662. Helen Waggoner University of Vermont
  663. Matea Mills-Andruk Middlebury College
  664. Sharon Kim Scripps College
  665. Klaudia Wojciechowska Middlebury College
  666. Octavio Hingle-Webster Middlebury College
  667. Hannah Habermann Middlebury College
  668. Sandra Luo Middlebury College
  669. Emma Bliska Middlebury College
  670. Austin Kahn Middlebury College
  671. Margaret Hall Rice University
  672. Emily Aun Middlebury College
  673. Rachel Hemond Middlebury College
  674. George Rosett, Scripps College
  675. Alannah Forman, Pitzer College
  676. Jessie Mckenzie, Pomona College
  677. Cora Kircher, Middlebury College
  678. Reina Hernandez, Pomona College
  679. Justina Goldbeck, Scripps College
  680. Clara Sternberg, Middlebury College
  681. Muriel Wang, Scripps College
  682. Adriana Gonzalez, Pomona College
  683. Vivian Torres, California State Long Beach
  684. Addie Mahdavi, Middlebury College
  685. Masal Sherzad, Hamline University
  686. Dan Obermiller, Claremont McKenna College
  687. Jacqueline Contreras, Pitzer College
  688. Samantha Coss, Pitzer College
  689. Tim PLayer, Harvey Mudd College
  690. Estefanía Gallo, Pitzer College
  691. Erin Work, Middlebury College
  692. Deronisha Arceneaux, Pitzer College
  693. Magda Hlavacek, Harvey Mudd College
  694. Mikaela Chang, Middlebury College
  695. Andrea Hernandez, Pitzer College
  696. Tasnim Elbote, Yale University
  697. Michelle Henderson, Scripps College
  698. Fiona Mohamed, Middlebury College
  699. Faith Hill, Vassar College
  700. Moe Phyu, Middlebury College
  701. Lynn Travnikova, Middlebury College
  702. Katherine Mayer, Scripps College
  703. Christina Fox, Scripps College
  704. Alan Peck, Pomona College
  705. Carly Winant, Pitzer College
  706. Becca Shipan, Pomona College
  707. Morgan Towle, Pitzer College
  708. Nina Vincent, Scripps College
  709. LaShawn Ware, Hamilton College
  710. Keely Shinners, Scripps College
  711. Miranda Smith, Pitzer College
  712. Erika Sato, Pomona College
  713. Charlotte Cahillane, Middlebury College
  714. Anna Paz, Scripps College
  715. Paulina Acosta, UC Berkeley
  716. Rebecca Mullaley, Hamilton College
  717. Frankie Outlaw, Hamilton College
  718. Maggie Gelber, Harvey Mudd College
  719. Vanessa Rosato, Scripps College
  720. Erin Hanson, Williams College
  721. Brandon Arizmendi, Pomona College
  722. Vivian Zhang, Scripps College
  723. Jeri Mallory, Scripps College
  724. Sara Murphy, Pomona College
  725. Asem Berkalieva, Pomona College
  726. Asem Berkalieva, Pomona College
  727. Andrew Pester, Middlebury College
  728. Grace Lamdin, Pomona College
  729. Allegra Molkenthin, Middlebury College
  730. Kai Kellerman, Claremont McKenna College
  731. Jonathan van Harmelen, Pomona College
  732. Myranda Alonso, Scripps College
  733. Luyi Huang, Pitzer College
  734. Ernica Sanon, Scripps College
  735. Angela Ling, Pomona College
  736. Julian Prieto, Pomona College
  737. Lupe Flores, Scripps College
  738. Jubilee Lopez, Pitzer College
  739. Cecily Mills, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  740. Lexie Cowan, Wesleyan University
  741. Jassmin Del Rio, Claremont McKenna College
  742. Liz Sommer, Pitzer College
  743. Will Buckley, Pitzer College
  744. Flora Field, Scripps College
  745. Jacob Finkelman, Pitzer College
  746. Niya Hamilton, Pomona College
  747. Meg Zukin, Pitzer College
  748. Rachel Mochama, Scripps College

    ---------  Professors  ---------

  749. Deanna Needell, Claremont McKenna College
  750. Lara Deeb, Scripps College
  751. Myriam Chancy, Scripps College
  752. Francisco Donez, Pitzer College
  753. Joyce Lu, Pomona College
  754. Claudia Arteaga Scripps College
  755. Myriam Chancy Scripps College
  756. Marie-Denise Shelton Claremont McKenna College
  757. Francisco Donez Pitzer College
  758. Kimberly Drake Scripps
  759. Maryan Soliman Scripps College
  760. Eric Hurley Pomona
  761. Fazia Aitel, Claremont McKenna College
  762. Darryl Smith Pomona
  763. Laura Harris Pitzer College
  764. Brent Armendinger Pitzer College
  765. Tara Affolter Middlebury College
  766. Marina Perez de Mendiola Scripps College
  767. Rita Roberts Scripps College
  768. Piya Chatterjee Scripps College
  769. Mary Garcia Scripps College
  770. Rita Cano Alcala Scripps College
  771. Akana Noto, Claremont McKenna College
  772. Carolyn Ratteray Pomona
  773. Sumangala Bhattacharya, Pitzer College
  774. Maria Soldatenko Pitzer College
  775. Emma Stephens, Pitzer College
  776. Tara Affolter Middlebury College Assistant Professor
  777. Sheila Walker Scripps
  778. Halford Fairchild, Pitzer College
  779. Joe Parker, Pitzer
  780. Ellen Rentz, Claremont McKenna College
  781. Thomas Kim, Scripps College
  782. Gilda Ochoa Pomona College
  783. Cindy Forster Scripps College
  784. Kevin Williamson, Scripps College
  785. Michel Valentin, University of Montana
  786. Enrique Ochoa, California State University, Los Angeles
  787. Lily Geismer, CMC
  788. Martha Barcenas-Mooradian  Scripps College
  789. Nancy Auerbach  Scripps College

    ---------  5C Alumni  ---------
  790. Ung-Sang Lee, Claremont McKenna College
  791. Iris Liu Alumna, Claremont McKenna College
  792. Simon Ma, Claremont McKenna College
  793. Darell Hayes, Claremont McKenna College
  794. Lucia Ru an, Pomona College
  795. Audrey Jaquiss, Pomona College
  796. Fabiha Hannan, Harvey Mudd College
  797. Ida Kassa, Pomona College
  798. Lauren Rosenfield, Claremont McKenna & Pomona College
  799. Alison Marks, Pomona College
  800. John Phillpot, Harvey Mudd College
  801. Suriya Shogren, Pitzer College
  802. Cyn Njideka, Pitzer College ‘15
  803. Michael Oshiro, Claremont McKenna College
  804. Phoebe Shen, Scripps College
  805. Livia Romano, Claremont McKenna College
  806. Karen Kandamby, Scripps College
  807. Kella Caldwell, Scripps College
  808. Jordan Varney, Harvey Mudd College
  809. Emily Long, Scripps College
  810. Kevin Garske, Claremont McKenna College
  811. Candace Williams, Claremont McKenna College
  812. Clancy Tripp, Claremont McKenna College
  813. Hannah Chia, Scripps College
  814. Christus Ahmanson, Claremont McKenna College
  815. Monika Lee, Scripps College
  816. Molly Wilkerson, Pomona College
  817. Francis Becraft, Pitzer College
  818. Molly Wilkerson, Pomona College
  819. Rafael Elizalde, Claremont McKenna College
  820. Will Robelo, Claremont McKenna College
  821. Claudia Lopez, Claremont McKenna College
  822. Najib Hamideh, Pitzer
  823. Becca Rosenthal, Claremont McKenna College ‘15
  824. Lisette Espinosa, Claremont McKenna College
  825. Merrilee Howard, Scripps College
  826. Sue Talbot, Scripps College ‘69
  827. Denys Reyes, Claremont McKenna College
  828. Alexa Muniz, Scripps college
  829. Margaret Austin Pomona
  830. Sophia Kobus-Pigg Claremont McKenna College
  831. Christopher Song Pomona College
  832. Carlos Ballesteros CMC
  833. Chloe Villalobos Pitzer College
  834. Jenessa Flores Pitzer College
  835. Cody Thach Pomona
  836. Cleo Spencer Pomona College
  837. Sergio Rodriguez Pomona College
  838. Katrina Jacobs Pomona
  839. Sam Posner Pomona
  840. Maria Arciniega Pomona College
  841. Timothy Reynolds Pomona
  842. Ashley Land Pomona
  843. Jun Won Park Pomona College
  844. Alex Samuels Pomona College
  845. Z B, Pomona
  846. Carly Graber Claremont McKenna College
  847. Cat Eskilson Pitzer
  848. Zoey Martin-Lockhart Pitzer College Alumni
  849. Victoria Montecillo Scripps College
  850. Muhammad Jalal Pomona College
  851. Youguys Areidiots CMC
  852. Paige Garratt HMC
  853. Shelby Wax Scripps College
  854. Kelly Lee HMC
  855. Tiffany Chum Claremont McKenna College
  856. Kelly Park Pomona
  857. Natalie Katz Scripps College
  858. Jincy Varughese CMC
  859. Katherine Tully Scripps College
  860. Julien Breistroff Pomona College
  861. Ritika Puri Claremont McKenna College
  862. Belmont Pinger Pitzer College
  863. Hernely Bonilla, Pitzer College
  864. Kenny Moran Pomona
  865. West Lalanne Claremont McKenna College
  866. Evelyn Landow, Pomona College
  867. Andrea Kozak-Oxnard Scripps
  868. Pambana Bassett Scripps College
  869. Joel Garinkol, Pitzer College
  870. Elena Sharma, Scripps College
  871. Jorge Mejia, Pomona College
  872. Aron Moe Macarow, Scripps College
  873. Megan Gianniny, Pitzer College
  874. Kelly Chan, Claremont McKenna College
  875. Bradley Johnson, Claremont McKenna College
  876. Ella Doward, Scripps College
  877. Shawn Tamaribuchi, Scripps College
  878. Mary Coman, Scripps College
  879. Sarah Levine, Scripps College

    --------- The list below includes other supporters including, but not limited to,
    non-5C alumni, community members, parents, and organizations. --------- 

  880. Maya Peers Nitzberg, Middlebury College
  881. Milo Giovanniello Swarthmore '14
  882. Juliette Gobin Middlebury College '16
  883. Kate McCreary Middlebury College
  884. Jackie Park, Middlebury College
  885. Brianna Suslovic Harvard College
  886. Clair Beltran Middlebury College
  887. Jen Hoffer Skidmore college
  888. Jungwon Kim, University of California, Berkeley
  889. Erik Clark Luther College
  890. Laur R Hamilton College/ Colgate University staff
  891. Maya Da Middlebury College
  892. Rebecca Cordero, Bentley University
  893. Ameya Biradavolu, Middlebury College
  894. Heidi Moore, CMC Parent
  895. Angie Berrios-Miranda, Pomona, community member
  896. Katherine Luna, N/A
  897. Dionna Williams, N/A
  898. Dakoury Godo-Solo, Phillips Academy
  899. Jwahir Sundai, N/A

    -------- Organizations  --------- 

    Claremont Ekta 5C South Asian Student Association
    Jamaica Bridgett York United Black Students' Association
    Cafe Con Leche (CCL)
    Disability, Illness and Difference Alliance
    Asian American Student Union (@ Scr)
    Scripps Advocates
    Black Lives at Mudd (BLAM)
    South Asian Mentorship Program (SAMP)
    Scripps Environmental Club

    Nishmat at the Claremont Colleges